PC-BSD® documentation is written mainly by talented and knowledgeable members of our community. New users looking to get to know PC-BSD a little better can benefit enormously from the User's Handbook and Wiki.

Looking to give back? The PC-BSD wiki welcomes additions and insight from anyone with information to share.

Need even more info? Several books have been published on PC-BSD, and they offer a comprehensive look at the operating system and all its features.

PC-BSD 9 Handbook

PC-BSD Handbook

The PC-BSD User's Handbook is an excellent starting place for those just getting off the ground with PC-BSD™. It's not just for beginners though. The handbook contains many in-depth articles exploring the underpinnings of PC-BSD™ and can be a valuable resource for even the most advanced users.



For comprehensive guides and detailed exploration of features of FreeBSD and PC-BSD, additional resources are available.



Don't know where to start? The PC-BSD Wiki has all the information you need to get up and running with PC-BSD. Many of our guides and FAQs are written by talented and knowledgeable members of our community and are open to feedback and improvement.

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