09 July 2012

Getting Started

Posted in Development

Become a beta tester

Having as many people as possible test upcoming versions of PC-BSD on as many different hardware configurations as possible makes the experience of using PC-BSD better for everyone. If you have a few hours to spare and are willing to detail any problems you run across, see Becoming a Beta Tester in the handbook for more info on how to submit error reports.

Help increase the number of PBIs

Have a suggestion for a PBI that doesn't exist yet? Submit a PBI Request. Want to help ensure that new PBIs work flawlessly? Join the PBI-dev mailing list and try out new PBIs on your system to make sure everything works as advertised. Have a few hours to spare and want to try making a PBI? Check out Creating PBIs in the handbook.

Help with translations

Do you read a language other than English and want to make sure that a localized version of PC-BSD is available? Check out the PC-BSD Pootle translations page--it will show which localizations are available and the status of each. Learn more about how to become a translator if you would like to help out.

Display or contribute artwork

Want to let the world know you are using PC-BSD? Check out the Artwork which can be displayed on your website, blog, or other social media sites.


Are you planning on attending an open source conference or putting together an InstallFest? Let us know and we'll help to spread the word and provide you with DVDs for the event.

Give a presentation

Put together a talk for a local user group or submit a proposal for an upcoming conference. If your presentation is accepted, let us know and we'll help to spread the word. If you have existing presentations online, send us the URL so we can let others know about your presentation.

Looking for more ideas?

Check out the list of Tasks Looking for People.

Have an idea?

Bring it up on the PC-BSD Forum

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