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How to use the IRC Chat App

Each of these channels are distinct and are not connected to each other. Their chat styles also differ, so you may need to try each to find one suited to your chat style. As with all types of IRC traffic, if you are easily offended or cannot deal with lots of young people (and more than a few older ones) doing the verbal equivalent of jello wrestling, do not even bother with it.

--FreeBSD Handbook

  • Enter your desired nickname in the box above.
  • Prove your humanity by defeating the CAPTCHA. (Type in what you see in the box)
  • Log in and chat!

Like the chat?

You can log into from any web-enabled device, and rejoin the discussion.
Also, if you'd prefer to take the chat out of your browser, Pidgin (default on PC-BSD) is a capable IRC program.

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