PC-BSD's documentation exists in print format also. There are a variety of in-depth books and guides to the PC-BSD and FreeBSD operating systems, many of which are written by the prolific author and BSD advocate, Dru Lavigne. If you're looking for BSD updates on a more timely basis, check out BSD Mag - a monthly publication with its finger on the pulse of the BSD world.

BSD Magazine

This free online monthly magazine runs articles from BSD Gurus and Professionals covering topics of interest to the wider BSD community.

FreeBSD Handbook

The handbook for FreeBSD, the system on which PC-BSD is based, provides a reference for more advanced users. It comes in two volumes, one for users and one for administrators, also available separately.

FreeBSD Basics

In this volume, Dru Lavigne compiles tips and tricks gathered from years of working with FreeBSD. Topics include from common tasks and avoiding pitfalls.

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