09 July 2012

PBI Porting

Posted in Development

One of the main features of PC-BSD is its unique PBI package management system. The project can always use in creating new PBIs for PC-BSD users to install and enjoy. There are currently two methods of PBI Creation:

Using the EasyPBI Graphical Utility

EasyPBI is an easy-to-use GUI application which streamlines the process of building a PBI from an existing FreeBSD port. EasyPBI can be installed using AppCafe® in PC-BSD 9.0. Instructions for using this utility can be found in the Using EasyPBI section of the wiki.

These links are also useful to PBI creators:

  • Information about the PBI Build Server
  • Discuss or submit PBI modules on the PBI Developer Mailing List
  • View existing PBI modules
  • Using the pbi_makeport CLI

    For those users who prefer to use a command line utility to create PBIs, PC-BSD 9.0 ships with the pbi_makeport command. Instructions for using this command can be found in the PBI Module Builder Guide.

    Good luck and thanks for your support!

    - The Development team

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