09 July 2012

PBI Porting

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One of the main features of PC-BSD is its unique PBI package management system. This system creates information containers around the standard FreeBSD package to provide all sorts of information that helps users find/use applications on FreeBSD. The project can always use help in creating new PBIs for PC-BSD users to install and enjoy.

Using the EasyPBI Graphical Utility

EasyPBI uses the PBIng system and provides an information wrapper around existing FreeBSD packages. This wrapper, known as a PBI module, contains the metadata which displays information about the PBI in AppCafe®, such as screenshots, similar applications, search terms, and plugins. With PBIng, you no longer have to build PBIs. Instead, you can modify the information contained in PBI modules in order to create a custom PBI repository which can be added to AppCafe®. Since PBI modules are comprised of ASCII text files, they can be easily edited using the graphical EasyPBI utility or manually with a text editor.  Instructions for using this utility can be found in the EasyPBI section of the wiki.

These links are also useful to PBI creators:

Good luck and thanks for your support!

- The Development team

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