26 June 2012


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The 9.X changelog outlines the version history of all major point releases for PC-BSD 9.

PC-BSD 9.0 - Changelog (1-10-12)

  • Based upon FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE
  • Support for installing a variety of Window Managers, such as KDE, GNOME, XFCE, LXDE and more!
  • Improved PBI system, allows library sharing, binary diff updating, custom repositories, digital signing and more!
  • Support for "freebsd-update" via the System Update GUI.
  • New Control Panel, providing consistent configuration options across various Window Managers.
  • Improved networking utilities, including wifi quick-connect.
  • Enhanced "Life-Preserver" utility for doing off-site rsync backups of user data.
  • New VirtualBox / VMware disk images, with integrated guest tools.
  • Support for UFS+Journaling out of box
  • New graphical boot options page
  • Support for installation to BootCamp partitions on OSX systems.
  • And much more!

Release Notes

PC-BSD 9.0-RC3 - Changelog (12-14-11)

  • Fixed the default KDE wallpaper / desktop theme
  • Add option to skip performing system upgrades at bootup, in case the user doesn't have the time to wait.
  • Fix bug starting the port jail from rc.d
  • Make sure we clear any KDE cache during upgrade
  • Fixed bugs installing some PBIs from AppCafe causing seg faults
  • Load ext2fs automatically
  • Default LXDE clock to AM/PM time
  • Add default openbox wallpaper / menus
  • Load the "iir" raid driver on install media
  • Add extra meta-pkg for VMware guest support
  • Reduce CPU usage while checking for system updates on the tray
  • Add new graphical boot loader enabled by default
  • Updated the handbook for 9.0
  • Speed up the download process of system upgrades
  • Add patch for GDM which corrects issues with auto-login
  • Created new VirtualBox / VMware images for download

PC-BSD 9.0-RC2 - Changelog (11-23-11)

  • Improve username checks in installer to only allow valid chars
  • Add button for xvkbd virtual-keyboard usage during installation, install can now be done entirely via touch-screen
  • VirtualBox mouse-pointer integration works by default after selecting vboxvideo in display wizard
  • Improve update-manager to not fail on soft errors
  • In services tool, sort by name by default and enable user-sorting via headers
  • Fix mime issues causing false identification of office documents as .zip files
  • Set default language to en_US.UTF-8 which fixes mouting some removable media
  • Set the default mirror server on first boot to the fastest available
  • Save users proxy / pbi configuration across upgrades
  • Fix bug in AppCafe to show PBIs not associated with a particular repo
  • Added FVWM and FVWM-Crystal as desktop options
  • Prompt for a desktop in LIVE mode
  • Add Koffice-kde4 as optional meta-pkg for KDE4
  • Make pbi-manager more "sudo" friendly
  • Added optional meta-pkg for Compiz
  • Enable DynamicPM on ATI video
  • Add "switcher2" utility for changing gtk theme
  • Add -R option to "pbi_add" which fetches PBI install file without installing or removing it
  • Add xscreensaver to base system to fix issues in XFCE4 & others

PC-BSD 9.0-RC1 - Changelog (10-24-11)

  • Added support for installing to BootCamp partitions on Apple OSX systems
  • Added checks for invalid characters in the username
  • Added button to installer allowing toggle between US keyboard layout and currently selected
  • Added improved portjail init scripts
  • Life-Preserver now defaults to backing up to a remote directory set as the client hostname
  • Add some sanity checks to pbi-manager when creating new repositories
  • Fixed bugs setting the proxy server in pbi-manager / AppCafe (Uses the default config in networking GUI)
  • Improved the default firewall ruleset
  • Enable IPv6 support on all nic's by default
  • Added options to pbi-manager which enables tmpfs memory building
  • Improved pc-thinclient setup to use pre-built FreeBSD world instead of building from source
  • Fix bug in pbi-manager when doing binary updates to ensure it is only attempted on the correct build
  • Fix issues installing with mirrors / raidz on ZFS

PC-BSD 9.0-BETA3 - Changelog (10-01-11)

  • Fix issue enabling flash plugin after installation
  • Fix bug with handbook not launching in LXDE
  • Fix issue performing updates on ZFS systems with separate /boot UFS partition.
  • Add lxmenu-data port, which provides nicer LXDE menu framework
  • Fix enabling ibus from GDM
  • Include "mga" driver in base
  • Add option to install only "openbox" as a window-manager
  • Fix bug doing PBI patching and checking the FreeBSD version
  • Improve PBI manager allowing ~/bin entries to point to wrapper scripts
  • Fix bug upgrading and installing the nvidia driver
  • Fix bugs installing from LIVE mode

PC-BSD 9.0-BETA2 - Changelog (09-13-11)

  • Fixed an issue fetching large sets of packages during an update
  • Added NVIDIA driver to install media, allowing it to be used instead of "vesa" and "nv"
  • Fixed an issue with passwords & encryption strings with a '=' in them causing parse errors
  • Auto correct if user tries to use /home mount-point to /usr/home
  • Fixed internet installation defaulting to an incorrectly formatted URL
  • Added sanity checks to AppCafe to check if user is able to install applications
  • Fix to pbi-manager to checkout correct FreeBSD sources
  • When adding new users via the GUI, include them in the "operator" group by default
  • Fixed misc crashes while using the User Manager
  • Set wallpaper to full-screen mode on install images
  • Increase default '/' partition size to 2GB
  • Added AppCafe warning when no meta files can be found
  • Cap the size of default swap space
  • Fixed layout of default XFCE menu
  • Make hyper-links work in Welcome application
  • Fix loading translation files in Xorg Wizard
  • Show total and current MB of downloads in AppCafe
  • Fixed bugs in Firewall Manager causing incorrect service names to be selected
  • Show status of firewall restart in the GUI
  • Put volume applet on LXDE panel by default
  • Added feature to System Manager and Installer to right-click on meta-pkgs and show details
  • Reorganized the meta-pkg layout
  • Enhance pc-su to use more appropriate "su" backend depending upon WM being run
  • Include support for some additional Broadcom wifi chipsets by default
  • Allow booting to emergency console on LIVE images
  • Added Draft version of PC-BSD 9 handbook
  • Speed up booting by loading some KLDs after kernel is loaded
  • Clear temporary files in /tmp at boot by default
  • Add support into AppCafe for showing HTML formatted descriptions
  • Added new default font configuration
  • Use more appropriate icons for entries in Control Panel
  • Fixed an issue with IBUS variables not being set properly
  • Fixed printer config to use "pc-su" so we have permissions to add / remove devices
  • Fixed syntax bug when trying to install using "gmirror"
  • Fix pbi-manager to resume downloading meta-data if the system was shutdown before it finished

PC-BSD 9.0-BETA1.5 - Changelog (08-19-11)

  • Enable hplip scanner support
  • Fixed bug removing PBIs sometimes leaving some file leftovers
  • Auto-create npflashplugin wrappers at system install
  • Improved fluxbox / icewm with "idesk" support for desktop icons
  • Fixed running the display wizard from the Control Panel
  • Fixed AppCafe crash when removing last PBI or download
  • Fixed issue saving some timezones properly during installation
  • Fixed detection of running WM for Control Panel icons
  • Fixed life-preserver to use non-standard port 22 when specified
  • Add default gtk2 theme
  • Update NVIDIA driver to 280.13

PC-BSD 9.0-BETA1 - Changelog (08-01-11)

  • Now supports multiple Window Managers, such as: - KDE 4 - GNOME 2 - XFCE 4 - LXDE - And many more!
  • Support for "meta-pkgs", allowing the user to customize their installed system with a variety of software.
  • Improved PBI system, allows sharing of files / libraries between applications for reduced disk / runtime space.
  • New AppCafe, allow easy browsing, installing and managing Applications
  • Updated to the installer, allowing easy setup of ZFS, GELI encryption and more!
  • Many improvements to networking setup GUIs
  • New system-update utility, support for "freebsd-update" and upgrading from point-release to point-release. (I.E. 9.0 -> 9.1)
  • Revamped "Life-Preserver" backup utility, makes it easier than ever to backup to FreeNAS or any remote ssh+rsync server.
  • New PC-BSD Control Panel, provides one-stop access to a variety of system-configuration options.

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