09 July 2012

System Development

Posted in Development

Looking to help with the system development of PC-BSD? The project is looking for talented and motivated individuals to help improve the operating system, assist with bug fixes, and support development in other ways.

Got Git?

Are you looking to become a PC-BSD committer? Developers who want to help improve the PC-BSD codebase are always welcome! If you would like to take part in core development and possibly earn a commit bit, a good place to get started is by signing up for the developers mailing list. Once you've signed up then feel free to browse the PC-BSD Roadmap or search for bugs that need fixing in our Redmine database. If you see something of interest you want to work on, or have a proposal for a project you want to get added, then feel free to let us know via the developers list and we'll be happy to help get you started.

QT, UI, C++, oh my!

Most of the PC-BSD specific GUI tools are developed in C++ using the QT Libraries, and other non-GUI development is done using standard shell (/bin/sh) scripts. There may be cases where other languages / libraries are needed, but those will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to let us know your proposals on the developers mailing list.

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