PC-BSD® 9.1 Isotope Edition introduces an all-new installation option for servers: TrueOS™! PC-BSD is all about making FreeBSD on the desktop simple and painless. In doing so, we created tools that would be of use to server administrators as well. TrueOS™ is composed of a FreeBSD installation enhanced with command line versions of the PC-BSD tools.

Same Great Installer

While TrueOS™ is a variant of PC-BSD, it's bundled right in the full install DVD. This means you have the same powerful tools at your fingertips, including the best GUI for setting up ZFS in an installer anywhere!


PC-BSD 9.1 introduces a completely re-implemented Warden® jail management tool. The PC-BSD GUI for it is excellent, but it's also available at the command line - including on TrueOS™!

PBI Manager

The PBI system is available as a port for FreeBSD, but TrueOS™ builds it right in! The PBI-Manager suite provides the entire range of tools, including pbi_makeport, pbi_addrepo and pbi_update - all entirely from the shell. The PBI tools are not dependent on the PC-BSD project's infrastructure; any organization can create and maintain its own custom repository of PBIs with this simple toolkit.

Meta-Package Manager

Some programs are just too big and too complex for PBIs. For large programs and situations where a PBI is not appropriate, PC-BSD provides the Meta-Package Manager, an alternate package management tool. PC-BSD uses meta-packages during its installation, and all PC-BSD meta-packages are available from the PC-BSD package repository mirrors.

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